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Glass Gem
Hopi Blue
Heirloom Yellow
Cherokee White Eagle

Tanchi is the word for corn in the Choctaw language.

These hand-beaded earrings with a structured brick stitch diamond-shaped top have twenty-four double-layered fanned fringe that ends in a small diamond shape. Each Tanchi earring is unique due to the mixture of beads. Tanchi colorways contain a variety of bead colors in various finishes (matte, transparent, gloss, metallic, luster) Please note that your order will not necessarily look identical to the pictured earrings but the colors will be the same.

Tanchi contains approximately 564 delicate glass beads in each earring.

glass gem rainbow jewel-tones, sterling silver ear wires

hopi blue blue, pewter, and violet, sterling silver ear wires

heirloom yellow yellows, reds, and browns, sterling silver ear wires

cherokee white eagle soft yellows, with blue, pewter, and violet, sterling silver ear wires

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