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Care for beaded jewelry

Sinti Tuklo earrings hanging on a cork surface

Let gravity be your fringe’s friend. When possible please hang your Lillie Nell earrings to keep the fringes straight and tangle free. An acceptable alternative is laying them flat in your jewelry box.

I take great care in choosing the most durable materials possible, however exposure to hair product, body oils, and sweat may cause color change to your beaded jewelry. Please take care in applying perfumes and product while wearing your earrings and do not wear during strenuous activity. Always wear the clear earring backs that are provided to prevent accidental loss.

Seven differant colored Sokko Hasimbish earrings
A pair of Sinti earrings being beaded

Lillie Nell earrings are often made with one continuous thread, NEVER snip any broken pieces of your earrings. In the event of earring damage please contact me to discuss repair or replacement options. Unfortunately due to the inventory cycles some pieces may not be replaceable.

Mild soap on a soft cloth may be used with caution on beadwork. Metal jewelry components may patina over time. Clean brass and silver-plated components using a jewelry polishing cloth. If you prefer a brightly polished look you may use a small amount of brass cleaner on a cotton swab, following product use directions.

Differant colored Tushka earrings

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