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Custom Medallion Beadwork

Lillie Nell specializes in meticulously handcrafted medallion beadwork, ensuring each piece is crafted with care and precision. Using a flat stitch technique, I secure every bead multiple times to guarantee durability and longevity. My medallions are reinforced with a .025" aluminum core and backed with genuine leather for added durability and a refined finish.

I have a passion for creating bold, graphic designs, with sports logo medallions being a personal favorite. However, I also enjoy the challenge of crafting intricate and organic medallion designs.

Custom medallion earrings by Lillie Nell start at $33 per square inch, while medallion necklaces featuring beaded cords begin around $38 per square inch. Typically, a medallion measures approximately 4” across and ranges from $400-450.

Payment is required in full before any work begins. Frequent communication via text message to determine and confirm design choices is required for prompt project completion.

Please be aware that while I strive to fulfill orders promptly, medallions are secondary projects to regular earring orders and may require 8-12 weeks for completion.

I'd love to talk about yoru custom medallion necklace and earring ideas.

Custom Medallion Quotes

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