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Sokko Hasimbish

  • $105.00

Sokko Hasimbish in the Choctaw language translates to thick tail.

These hand-beaded earrings with a structured brick stitch diamond-shaped top have twenty-four double-layered fanned fringe that ends in an ornate diamond shape.

Sokko Hasimbish contains approximately 564 delicate glass beads in each earring.

spruce matte galvanized gold, spruce, 24K gold-filled ear wires

cobalt matte galvanized gold, cobalt, 24K gold-filled ear wires

white matte galvanized gold, opal white, 24K gold-filled ear wires

blush matte galvanized gold, pale pink, 24K gold-filled ear wires

turquoise gloss mottled turquoise, sterling silver ear wires

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