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  • $45.00
Spruce + Gold
Cyan + Sienna
Lavender + Violet
Hydrangea + Brick
Vermillion + White
Blush + Gold
White + Turquoise
Illuminating + Grey
Grey + Blush
Sienna + Saffron
White + Silver
Mint + Seafoam
Mustard + Eucalyptus
Ice + Garnet
Cornflower + Cobalt
Blush + Cherry
Cerulean + Salmon
Eucalyptus + Navy
Peach + Olive
Serpentine + Espresso

Pokni in the Choctaw language translates to grandmother. Granny Lillie Nell was the maker of traditional dresses for our family and would make a dress in your favorite color- except black. I hope you find your favorite color in this collection (unless it's black)!

The simple diamond pattern is a simplified version of the traditional Choctaw pattern that represents the rattlesnake and respect for nature.

These petite hand-beaded earrings with a linear diamond pattern have seven fringe and contain 292 delicate glass beads in each earring. The Pokni collection contains a mix of gloss, matte, or metallic finished beads. Most Pokni colorways come with hypoallergenic sterling silver ear wires. Designs featuring metallic gold are paired with 24K gold-filled ear wires.

Pokni measures 2.5" long

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