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♢ Choctaw Jewelry Handmade With Love ♢


  • $125.00
Strawberry Thief
Golden Hour
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Yukpa is the Choctaw word for HAPPY.

These hand-beaded earrings with a structured brick stitch top have thirteen fringes with a joyful swirl motif. The earrings' rainbow pattern is reversed in color order, the earrings are not a matched set.

Yukpa contains approximately 653 delicate glass beads in each earring.

market gloss bright blue, cobalt, red, orange, and saffron, sterling silver ear wires

strawberry thief matte brick, gloss speckled tan, coral, speckled chartreuse, eucalyptus, sterling silver ear wires

daybreak gloss dandelion, hydrangea, matte lavender, gloss salmon, matte vermillion, 24K gold-filled ear wires

chrysanthemum gloss aubergine, maple, hydrangea, matte brick and vermillion, sterling silver ear wires

canyon matte linen, dandelion, maple, sienna, iridescent brown, sterling silver ear wires\

agate matte black, tan, opal white, galvanized gold, sienna, 24k gold-filled ear wires

alpine gloss mist, fir, maple, navy, brick, sterling silver ear wires

golden hour gloss peach, coral, saffron, sienna, cerulean, sterling silver ear wires

medicine matte sage, bone, sienna, dusty mauve, spruce green, sterling silver ear wires

magnolia gloss fir, blush, maple, brick, and sienna on raw brass findings, 14k gold-filled ear wires