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Vermillion + White
Blush + Gold
Spruce + Gold
White + Silver
Eucalyptus + Navy
White + Turquoise
Lavender + Violet

Sinti in the Choctaw language translates to snake.

The simple diamond pattern is a traditional Choctaw pattern that represents the rattlesnake and respect for nature.

These hand-beaded earrings with an unfinished open half-round brass top have thirteen fringes with a traditional Coctraw diamond pattern.

Sinti contains 468 delicate glass beads in each earring.

vermillion + white matte orange-red with opal white on raw brass

blush + gold gloss pale pink with metallic gold on raw brass

spruce + gold matte forest green with matte gold on raw brass

white + silver gloss white with metallic silver on silver-plated brass

eucalyptus + navy gloss eucalyptus blue-green with navy on silver-plated brass

white + turquoise matte opal white with gloss mottled turquoise on silver-plated brass

lavender + violet matte lavender with violet and opal white on raw brass

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